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Your Progressive White Water Award progresses your ability in decision-making and paddling skills and enables you to have a safe and fun day out on grade 3-4 rivers.

This award will further progress your ability to gather all the information you need about the water you are paddling on so that you can make the right choice on where and when to paddle. You will ensure that the grade is suitable for your ability and not likely to change further down the river or be affected by any incoming weather. As well as ensuring the features you choose are challenging enough to suit the purposes of your session. You and your Coach will consider the best equipment for the conditions you shall be paddling on. As well as considering further safety equipment for the more advanced conditions.


For a successful session on white water you will need to have a range of skills. This award develops your existent white water skills to allow you to blend planned activity to recovery abilities to allow for a successful session on the water. You will continue to develop your tactics when running a river.

This includes:

  • Identifying hazards and features to avoid.

  • Using the topography and features of the river to help you maintain or change direction

 You will consider what techniques you can use when paddling with others, such as your positioning and the environmental awareness required when paddling with other water users. As well as further rescue skills to help should they, or you, capsize or get into difficulty.

After each session you and your Coach will reflect on what went well and where you would like to go next. Each day we spend paddling we further expand our skills and knowledge, creating a more enjoyable experience on the water. With no two experiences ever the same, we never stop learning. Continually evaluating the choices we make creates a natural evolution of decision making and paddling ability.


During this award you will build on your existent skills. You will continue to assess the environmental conditions to make the right key decisions. As well as continuing to develop your personal skills to allow you to paddle with flair and confidence in more advanced conditions.

This will include:

  •  Location

  •  Getting Ready

  •  At the Water

  •  White Water Skills

  •  After the Session

  •  Future Development


The White Water Award has no formal assessment. Each day spent on the white water will further expand your skills and knowledge. With no two trips ever the same, you will never stop learning. At the end of each session, you and your Coach will decide where to go next and what you will work on. This will be directed by your own aims and goals. The award will be certificated when you are ready.

Course Schedule


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