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  • 11th to 13th October

    From 250 British pounds
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The Details


Embarking on the journey of becoming a raft guide is both thrilling and appealing to outdoor enthusiasts with a passion for adventure and water sports. It involves navigating rivers, immersing oneself in the excitement of whitewater, and operating in captivating outdoor environments.

The emphasis on teamwork and effective communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring crew safety while steering rafts down white water rivers. This leadership aspect not only adds a valuable dimension to the profession but also fosters the development of crucial skills such as decision-making and effective communication.

Furthermore, the gratification for raft guides extends to a profound connection with nature. Spending considerable time outdoors, surrounded by natural beauty, enhances the overall experience. Engaging with diverse groups, ranging from holiday makers to corporate teams, provides ample opportunities for social interaction and the creation of lasting memories. The physically demanding nature of the job, is well-suited for those who relish an active lifestyle. With seasonal employment opportunities and a commitment to continuous learning through training and certification, the role of a raft guide encapsulates a unique blend of adventure, personal development, and responsibility, making it an exceptionally fulfilling profession.


This British Canoeing endorsed training course is designed for aspirant guides looking to operate on rivers in the UK and abroad. This course is also suitable for BC or IRF pre assessment training.


The training covers following key areas:
• Rafting specific equipment and prepping your raft

• Personal helming skills

• Reading rapids and working within a flotilla

• Rafting specific safety and rescue skills

• Surfing

• Safety briefs and client care

• Flips

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