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The Details


This 3 day course is designed for beginner kayakers entering the world of white water. 

Designed for paddlers looking to gain confidence and skill on up to grade 2.


This course also includes the BCAB Intro to White Water Safety Award and the BCAB White Water Personal Performance Award!


Using a learner led approach the 3 days will be designed around the the individual needs and aspirations of each paddler.

The topics covered during this course will include but are not limited to;

  • Equipment required when starting your journey onto white water 

  • Decision making and environmental considerations

  • River features such as eddies, eddy lines, waves, stoppers, currents, etc

  • Capsizing and self/team rescues

  • Paddling strokes and concepts 

  • Safe paddling strategies

All equipment can provided on request

No previous white water experience required

Course Schedule


Interested in this course for your centre or club?

Get in touch to discuss pricing and dates. 

07590 824206

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