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We do everything we can to take the stress out of assessments, we are focused on the journey and not the destination. The experience will be safe, engaging and enjoyable, with you at the heart of the process, involving you in as much of the decision making as possible.



We will guide you through the stages of arranging your assessment, discussing with you the best times and dates for the assessment, helping you ensure you have a group to lead and the appropriate assessment conditions on the day.

By the end of the assessment, you will have to demonstrate knowledge and skills in four areas:

  • Personal paddling skills

  • Rescue skills

  • Safety, leadership and group skills

  • Theory

White Water Leaders will need the ability to judge the conditions and the standard of the group and make appropriate decisions. The assessment takes place over a typical paddling day, depending on the logistics relating to access to suitable environments, you and your assessor may agree a longer assessment.


Every Leader will prepare differently for their assessment. However, you can check your readiness for assessment using:

  • The White Water Leader Assessment Guidance – this explains, in detail, the standard required for assessment. You can check out the Assessment Guidance here.

  •  Leadership eLearning – This optional, interactive eLearning package will take you through some of the key principles behind the British Canoeing Model of Leadership. This is a good refresher of the Leadership principles, at any point on your journey towards becoming a White Water Leader.


The White Water Leader has a formal registration requirement.


Registration is a process for leaders who are planning to attend a Leadership Assessment course. The purpose of Registration is to confirm you hold all prerequisites, it's quick and confirmation is sent straight to your inbox*. This should then be shared with the assessor to confirm eligibility for assessment. It also gives you peace of mind that you have everything you need in place and you can focus on enjoying your assessment. Please do not try to Register unless you hold all prerequisites:

  • White Water Safety training

  • Safeguarding Training (dated within last 3 years)

  • First Aid (dated within last 3 years and appropriate to this award)

  • Full National Association Membership

*Note - as long as you meet the prerequisites, you will be automatically sent confirmation of your Registration.


Registration costs vary a little dependant on the qualification and where you live, for more information you can read the Registration Guide here.



  • You will need to be an On the Water British Canoeing Member - join now British Canoeing Membership (On the Water)

  • You need to be at least 16 years of age to register

  • Once you're a member, you access your membership portal and register through the dedicated platform

  • For more information you can use our Registration Guidance here.

**Note – if you are aware that your record is out of date (for example your First Aid has expired) we recommend you update your record first.


Interested in this course for your centre or club?

Get in touch to discuss pricing and dates. 

07590 824206

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