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First of all, this is the qualification used by outdoor centres, organisations and clubs to support their activity delivery. Secondly it doesn’t matter if you Canoe, Kayak, Sit on Top Kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard, this course allows you to develop your existing skills and passion for paddlesport.

  • It’s your journey, our highly experienced tutors are trained to support you throughout this practical course.

  • Your course will support you to run games, activities to support learning and inspire adventure for new paddlers.

  • This qualification is open to everyone over 14 years of age!

The programme will explore a variety of subjects, here is an outline of what you will cover during your course:


  • How to effectively prepare a group for an activity (e.g. kitting up and getting afloat);

  • Together you will play with a range of activities to engage the group (e.g. games, tasks and journeys);

  • You will explore a range of motivating activities and games that support learning;

  • The tutors will support you to plan ways of using mini journeys to inspire adventure and exploration;

  • You will develop ideas that allow you to help participants learn basic skills;

  • Our tutors will share top tips and quick fixes for common challenges to accelerate learning;

  • You will investigate how to select suitable equipment for participants;

  • You will explore methods of maintaining participants’ safety and develop your understanding of deployment matters.

There will be opportunities to develop and progress your own paddling skills and meet likeminded people during the course, many of our course candidates develop long lasting friendships, connections and contacts.

You can read the full course guide here: Paddlesport Instructor Course Guide

You access a sample programme here: Paddlesport Instructor Sample Programme

You access an editable version of the Course Learner Development Pack here: Learner Development Pack

Registered Paddlesport Instructor Learners get a range of free resources to support their learning, before, during and after the course.

This includes free access to the British Canoeing Awarding Body Instructor eLearning Click here, This supportive eLearning package is made up of 9 topics, along with a knowledge audit which will help you understand areas you may need to develop further.

The modules cover

  • Coaching philosophy

  • Boats and Paddles

  • Health and Safety

  • Group and Session Management

  • Meeting Athlete Needs

  • Feedback

  • Coaching to support

  • Fundamental Skills

  • Performance Models

You can earn 20 CPD points by completing this eLearning. These will be added to your National Association record after completion.

The eLearning is £40 for non-members, £20 for National Association members (Full/ On the water or equivalent). The eLearning is free for learners registered for the Paddlesport or SUP Instructor Award (as long as your membership is valid)


Before you book onto your Paddlesport Instructor Course, you will need to be a member of British Canoeing, have attended a Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course (PSRC) or Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT) and complete your registration.


Anyone wishing to pursue a Coaching or Leadership Qualification is required to centrally register with the appropriate National Association (British Canoeing, Canoe Wales, Scottish Canoe Association, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland). Registration is the process by which you confirm your intention to study towards a particular qualification. It includes:

  • Checking of previous qualifications

  • Completing and signing the Registration Form

  • Medical Declaration (if required)

  • Setting up and providing access to course resources and eLearning (where applicable)

  • Acceptance of the terms and conditions of study and helps you understand your rights

  • Whilst undertaking the qualification and how your data will be used.

Once you are registered you become a learner with the National Association and we are able to contact you with relevant information and updates to your course of study, help you find a course and local support or mentoring.


We would recommend that you register as early in your development journey as possible to access all of the support and learning resources. As a bare minimum and to support your learning we would recommend registering at least two weeks before starting your course. Registration is an online process through your British Canoeing membership portal. Registration is separate from booking a place on a course; the latter is done directly with the Course Provider. It is worth noting that many Course Providers want to see evidence of Registration at the point of booking.



Before you register you will need to have attended a Paddlesport Safety and Rescue course (PSRC) or FSRT. (Please note, the FSRT is no longer available but will be accepted for those who have already attended this course).

We recommend you take this training at least 2 weeks before your Paddlesport Instructor course to allow for you to practice and develop your skills before they are assessed during the Paddlesport Instructor Course.



Interested in this course for your centre or club?

Get in touch to discuss pricing and dates. 

07590 824206

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