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Completed some raft guide training and assessments with Jon recently. Jon is a fantastic coach and assessor. I am beginning to dread the words "just one more thing, you don't need to do this but......". That "but" is where you are pushed out of your comfort level to the next level in a supportive manner. It's the way these things should be! Jon inspires confidence in participants and their Guinea pigs! I am sure I will use Jon for training and assessments many more times in the future.

Andy Hall

A fantastic Weekend of White water leader training led by Jon Best on the River Dee in Wales (Horseshoe falls to Town falls). It was well orgainised and well led. I would recommend Jon to anyone looking to take their white water kayaking to the next level!

Stephen Wood

I did a white water safety course with Jon on the Dee, he asked what our goals for the course were and he definitely went above and beyond to hep me achieve them and everyone else's on the course. The course was really fun and engaging couldn't recommend Jon more.

Jack Lesueur

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